Buckeye Sportskids DBA JumpBunch of Central Ohio

Company Overview

JumpBunch® is a nationally recognized provider of sports and fitness programs for children ages 2-12 years. On a weekly basis, JumpBunch® Coaches bring one of over 70 different sports and fitness activities to children in their schools, child care facilities, and local community centers. We reward our teachers with great pay, consistent hours, bonuses and incentives, and room for advancement. But that's not why people work for JumpBunch®. Our teachers love their jobs. Every day, our employees get paid to share their passion for sports and fitness with young children. Our Columbus franchise was named the top JumpBunch® Franchise in 2013. If you want to experience the joy of making a difference in the lives and health of children, this is the job for you.

"My schedule is great; usually starting no earlier than 9:30am., boss is very helpful, the kids are fun, and I like not having to plan my own curriculum; just tweak it to each group. It feels great to have clients support what you are doing, children loving the classes, becoming closer over time, and being overjoyed to see us coaches," Paula, Coach 2014-present

"Working with Jumpbunch has been an awesome experience! I have had the opportunity to instill a love of sports and fitness in the hearts of children all over the Columbus area. It is very rewarding to spend each day helping children of all ages achieve new skills and be proud of their accomplishments," Zach, Coach 2014-present.

"I have had an amazing experience sharing my love of fitness through JumpBunch. It is a high energy, positive program and the team keeps it fun!" Christine, Coach 2015-2016

"I didn't know how much I enjoyed working with children until I started working at JumpBunch. For anyone who wants to work with children in schools or elsewhere, JumpBunch is an invaluable learning experience," Habeeb, Coach 2012-2015

"Playing games and making money, nice way to spend a summer," - Phil, Coach 2014

"Jil is a great mentor and coach. She strives to help you succeed, and is a great resource for professional development," - Trina, Operations Manager 2013-2014

"Interning with JumpBunch was by far one of the best college experiences I have had! In a matter of a semester, I learned so much about children’s fine and gross motor skills. Jil was an excellent teacher, coach, and mentor," Jalena, Intern Fall 2015

"JumpBunch was a fantastic opportunity that increased my leadership and organizational skills, and helped me come out of my shell. The flexible schedule was great with school, and the kids you worked with made each class different and fun!" Michelle, Coach 2011-2012


Company Website: columbus-oh.jumpbunch.com